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Carouge 20 Graphite Men

  • CHF 310.–
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Carouge 20 Graphite Carouge 20 Olive

Shoe sizes are EU numbers. Size Chart

This style has several versions

Latest style
Carouge 20 Graphite
2018 Style | CHF 310.00
Carouge Graphite

Sole type Strato Shoe width: Standard

The Carouge 20 Graphite is a fashionable companion for trend-conscious men who appreciate both design and practicality. Lace them up once and afterwards the Carouge 20 Graphite can simply be slipped on and off thanks to the zip. These air-cushion shoes can be part of all kinds of fashion combinations and will give you a lot of pleasure both at work and in your free time. The kybun Carouge 20 Graphite is the successor to the Carouge Graphite and comes on the Strato sole.

kybun Carouge 20 Graphite

Item no.: KFM1037
Available sizes: EU 39 - 49
Upper: Leather
Leather: Leather, microfibre, mesh
Insole: Mesh
Sole: PU, Strato

3 2 1

Foot sensor technology
The kybun shoe‘s flexible, cushioned trampoline sole allows your feet to feel every detail of the ground, which stimulates the health-promoting receptors in your feet.

Air-cushion sole
The novel kybun sole consists of specially developed multi-component polyurethane (PU), into which many tiny air bubbles have been sealed. This elastic springy air pad enables optimal cushioning.


  1. Heel cushioning

  2. Elastic & springy

  3. Perfect pressure distribution

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