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kybun shoes

kybun mats

Safe through the winter with kybun shoes

Ergonomic office equipment

Testimonials / Customer statements

I have been an enthusiastic kybun shoe owner for 6 years! As a druggist I am in my professional activity mostly on my legs, respectively on my feet! With the kybun shoe I have fortunately no painful feet and tired legs after an exhausting day.

Dominik Engeli, qualified druggist from Weinfelden

After a few steps in the kybun shoe my initial skepticism dissolved in no time. Walking felt like walking on a mossy forest floor. I knew immediately that I had to have such a shoe! It was love at first sight, or love at first step!

Margrit Keller from Bassersdorf, Switzerland

I never imagined there was anything better than MBT - but kybun is. In my job as a site manager for road construction, I need a shoe that looks dynamic and still looks decent for meetings. I found exactly the right model and am very happy with it. I am enthusiastic about my kybun shoes.

Andy Martin, construction supervisor from Sennhof, Switzerland

Wearing the kybun shoe is like an unnoticed basic training in my everyday life - for an upright walk, for a good posture, for my pelvic floor and my whole appearance.

Regula Stricker from Switzerland

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